I needed an attorney who was dedicated, analytical, bright, and quick on his feet.  I've had some go-to people that I have used in my previous businesses, but I wanted a fresh perspective.  I interviewed 11 different firms (large and small) and I got to know what I didn’t want pretty quickly, but I started to think that I was being too picky.  However, when I found Abe, (my 12th interview) I knew almost immediately that I had found my guy.  Abe is an innovative, detail-oriented professional, with a people-first mentality.  He has remarkable communication skills both verbally and on paper.  He was not only able to help create complicated agreements and contracts for me, but he was also able to break down the language as we reviewed them together.  He was patient and articulate making sure that each section was clear and so that I was comfortable with the documents that we were presenting.

I originally hired Abe for a short, but important project, but I have since used him for all of my legal needs that fit his specialties.  I've co/founded 4 companies,  and in that time I have dealt with a myriad of attorneys in a variety of situations.  Abe’s creativity, judgment, research skills, and overall rapport make him a standout in the field.  He is a great lawyer, who has become a friend, and it is a pleasure to work with him.

Adam Butlein, CEO of LiteZilla